Enhanced Customer Experience

Ajax technology to minimise page refreshes

Retained shopping baskets

Content Rich Pages

Simple checkout procedures

Advanced search capability

CloseeS2Trade utilises the latest ajax technology to provide your customers with an intuitive, easy and rapid shopping experience.

Dynamic filters allow your customers to quickly find the products they want and avoid slow page refreshes, whilst an active shopping basket allows the customer to review their purchases without having to exit the products they are currently reviewing.

This is all supported by intelligent dynamic searches and a fast and simple checkout process to ensure the optimal customer experience.
CloseToday''s customers are savvy and intelligent when shopping on the web; but they also expect instant service and systems that can cope with a multi-tasking environment when tasks may be interrupted or put off.

That''s why eS2Trade maintains your customer''s shopping activity allowing them to return to your site and recommence their shopping at any time without losing their previous additions to their basket.
CloseCustomers expect today''s sites to offer rich product detail and advanced imagery and of course eS2Trade meets this challenge as we as also offering advanced solutions for managing product option and flavours.

In addition, eS2Trade provides a rich content management system to help you create supporting marketing material from FAQs through to product articles and customer testimonials; all driven by pre-defined templates to ensure consistent design and presentation.
CloseWhether you prefer a traditional step-by-step checkout procedure or a one-page approach eS2Trade can help. The customer experience is considered at all stages with automated post code lookup''s, options to offer various shipping solutions, meaningful and helpful messages with regards the use of coupons or restrictions on certain products to defined geographical areas and other key processes.

Your system may also be configured to offer the customer their own address book, links to their purchasing activities and ongoing updates for your customer as their order progresses through to despatch and delivery.
CloseeS2Trade recognises that the customer must be able to search and find products in a way that makes sense to them..... that''s why we have created the dynamic filtering system which allows you to define classes of filters (e.g. attribute-class [e.g. size], comparison-class [e.g. style], display-class [e.g. assembly time]) to enhance your customer''s shopping experience and increase their ability to find the right product quickly.

Once a filter has been added to a product eS2Trade automatically identifies whether the filter should be displayed on each page eliminating the need for coding and supporting fast and accurate product listings.

Ensure Customer Capture & Retention

Advanced SEO capability

Large Selection of Marketing modules

Abandoned basket conversion

Ratings, Reviews, Product Questions and Social Links

Customer Groups

CloseEnsuring your products, marketing message and other site content is found by the various search engines is a ''must have'' requirement for any modern website.

With the eS2Trade system it is possible to have unique SEO parameters for every page across your site with a set of ''defaults'' where such critical definitions have not yet been defined.

In addition, every url is converted to human friendly format and all the details of your site are submitted to the search engines on a pre-defined schedule to ensure that your site optimises its position in any search results.
CloseWe recognise that in today''s competitive market you need to make relevant and timely offers to your customers. eS2Trade offers a range of marketing modules from traditional favourites such as "Buy One Get One Free" and "Customers Who Bought This Also Bought..." through to more unique solutions such as "Check Out Offers..", "Introduce A Friend Rewards" and critical modules such as "Loyalty Schemes".

In addition, we have developed a number of other modules and are always happy to discuss your requirements and ideas.
CloseAbandoned baskets are a ''truth'' of today''s online shopping sites and it is, therefore, important to i) avoid such incidences happening through good site design and operation and ii) to be aware of when such incidences occur and have tools in place to monitor, react and drive abandoned baskets through to converted sales.

eS2Trade offers such tools as standard to optimise your sales process.
CloseHelp your customer''s buying decision by offering product ratings, product reviews and product questions (with published answer) all via a regulated system providing you with full editorial control.

In addition, you can of course offer links to leading social sites such as FaceBook, Twitter and Pinterest to help drive viral marketing and awareness.
CloseIn today''s environment it is important to streamline operations whilst maintaining unique customer offerings. eS2Trade provides ''customer groups'' to enable you to offer different profiles of customers (e.g. WholeSale, Frequent Buyers, etc) unique shopping journeys, such as pricing and/or checkout process whilst allowing your customer service operation to process in a standard fashion.

Develop Customer Loyalty

Friendly Order Progression Emails

Targeted Promotions

Newsletter Management

Reward Programmes

Membership Prices

CloseOnce a customer has purchased a product and checked out, the opportunity to develop the customer and build a strong relationship has just begun. At eS2Trade we believe that it is important to provide relevant, timely and opportune information to the customer and through this process build customer delight and increase customer satisafaction.

eS2 allows you to communicate with your customer at all stages of the despatch procesdre, and records all communications, as well as offering critical information such as tracking numbers for shipments and allowing post-delivery follow-up to gain key customer feedback.
CloseeS2 maintains rich and meaningful data about your customers purchase hisitor allowing you to develop targeted promotions and offers, which can of course also be based on the customer''s profile, location or membership status.
CloseUsing the in-built content management solution eS2 allows you to develop rich and powerful newsletters that can be sent to defined groups of customers (e.g. by purchase profile, by regisrtration date etc) to support targeted and timely marekting activity.
CloseGood customers deserve recognition and encouragement to make repeat visits to your site to purchase new and existing products. With eS2 you are able to assign loyalty points to products and provide customers with pre-defined reward coupons to reward loyalty and nudge future purchases.
CloseeS2 allows you to define numerous customer groups and establish pricing levels by group to provide you with full flexibility with your merchandising. As customers sign-in to your site, they the system will automatically present relevant information based on their profile.

Easy Site Configuration

Full Catalog Listing Control

Advanced Image Management

Automatic creation of search filters

Turn modules "on/off"

Maintain Menus / Footers and other key information links

CloseA key philosophy of eS2Trade is remove the need for "coding" support and place the power of the system in the hands of, you, the retailer. Following this approach, we have even made the management of the menus and footer bars dynamic allowing full control from the administration portal.
CloseAs you would expect eS2Trade has been designed to allow easy and fast listing of your products. You can quickly create Categories, and sub-categories, to structure your site in an attractive and intuitive manner for your customers. Optional category descriptions / images can be added and the category ''status'' can be switch to on/off allowing you to prepare listings in advance or manage seasonal listings.

When adding products, rich detail can be quickly added covering product descriptions, standard fields, options and attributes and images, to name a few! You can also specify unique product rules such as ''allowable delivery zones'', unique delivery / handling charges and logistical attributes that effect delivery.

Products can be listed in multiple categories and the system will record which category the sale took place from providing valuable analysis on your listing logic.

CloseeS2Trade has been designed to make image management as simple as possible; you can upload images from your pc and store in a logical file structure on your server. Assigning images to a product is a simple matter of drag and drop and the system will automatically create images of the required size and has built in "zoom and pan" and ''lightview'' gallery display ensuring you can provide the optimal visual presentation of your product.
CloseAs new products are added to your catalog you will require new ''filters'' to support customer searching and checkout from ''size'' and ''colour'' through to ''dishwasher care'' or ''grape type''. Historically, the addition of new "attribute-types" would have required re-coding or redesign to key pages or search algorithms; eS2Trade has unique in-built logic that automatically ''serves'' each page with appropriate filters and ensures that they integrate flawlessly with existing product listings.
CloseWithin eS2Trade you have access to multiple modules managing tasks such as shipping, payment, invoicing, marketing and many other key processes. Each module can be activated / deactivated via simple traffic-light on-off control buttons.

If you need bespoke modules these can of course be integrated.