platform comparison

merchandising management

lite business enterprise
Create Categories / Sub Categories      
Products can be linked to more than one category      
Full Meta Data Control (model#, brand etc)      
Price Management (RRP, Gross, Net)      
Standard Fields (e.g. Machine Care, Grape Type, etc)      
Full WYSIWYG Editor      
Unlimited Images with advanced Image Management      
Product Options with price and inventory (colour, size, etc)      
Pricing Groups (set prices by customer group)      
Shipping Controls by Product (unique shiping prices, allowed destinations etc)      
Batch Maintenance - move / assign products to categories etc      
Batch updates - prices etc      
Product Maintenance from third-party system via API      

marketing management

lite business enterprise
cross-selling features (we recommend, customers who bought this also bought, etc)      
featured products      
sale manager      
banner manager      
testimonials manager      
coupon manager      
basic promotions manager (product questions, product reviews etc)      
seo management      
advanced promotions manager (BOGOF etc)      

customer purchasing

lite business enterprise
Auto-saved basket      
AJAX Technology (minimal page refresh)      
Advanced product filters      
Post Code Lookup      
One Page Checkout      
Confirmation Emails      
Customer Address Book      
Account / Order History      
Automated PDF Invoices      
Gift Wrap      
Customer initiated returns      

content management

lite business enterprise
Information Manager (basic info items such as terms and conditions)      
Frequently Asked Questions Manager      
Full SEO Linking      
Full Content Management System with Templates      
Article (News) Manager      
Newsletter Manager with Templates      

report management

lite business enterprise
Sales Reports      
Customer Activity Reports      
Marketing Reports      
Inventory Reports      
Manage Imports / Exports      
SEO Reports      
Administration Reports      

module management

lite business enterprise
Shipping Modules      
Payment Modules      
Order Total Modules      
Marketing Modules      
Language Control      
Currency Control      
Geographical VAT Settings      
Allowed Delivery Zones By Product      

configuration management

lite business enterprise
Full Configuration Control      
Backup Frequency      
Currency Updates      

administration management

lite business enterprise
User Accounts      
Control Global Settings      
Menu Configuration      
Automatic Back Ups      
Manage Imports / Exports      
User Access Levels